Terça-feira, 23 de Dezembro de 2014


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not the kind of girl to go back and trace off your mistakes, never the one to savage through your open wounds and pour salt all over them as if by accident but always the one who shut you up with kisses and tried the hardest to make your own skin feel like home. midnights and strong tides weren’t a good enough reason for me to go away and as i held you closer and whispered it is okay as long as you dont let go i didn’t mean for you to be attached, understand i am my own demon combatting against other malign deeds and i couldn’t live with bees stinging the corner of my mouth and my bed wasn’t made to act as a minesfield. tired of holding bombs in my own body and waiting for soldiers to walk away just because they have already done enough damage to rip the enemy into shreads. for months you were only the blood on my carpet i was too exhausted to wash off and for that i am sorry. you being angry is justified but in this case scenario you misunderstood our whole deal and seeked help somewhere else. i should have been the doctor waiting on the hospital door but once again i’m sorry i’m only the emergency room

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Domingo, 7 de Dezembro de 2014

everyone is always hurting me

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Quarta-feira, 3 de Dezembro de 2014

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Terça-feira, 2 de Dezembro de 2014

it's not fair to talk to you about boys who hold me tighter than you ever did but it's inevitable

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I do not want to be a person. I want to be unbearable.

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no i don't think i can quite explain what it is like to have the man you hold most dearest in your heart on top of you with unberable hands all over my body in places that had remained untouched til then. you smelled like sunsets and after that first kiss all my bombs exploded and it frustrated me to see you with your clothes on and as i found myself getting rid of them i was screaming i want you i want you baby i want you so much if only we could live in this warmth forever i wouldn't need anything else. you were screaming i love yous even though your mouth was occupied kissing my thights and when gently undressing me completely we find ourselves delusional looking at each other. moments like this are so perfect i think i could live in them forever and never wish to have my life back...

i am sorry if i made it seem as those moments were only my midnight sickness but truth be told ever since the first hug i never felt like leaving

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i love you in the morning and during your heart's rainy days, too. that should count for something

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Segunda-feira, 1 de Dezembro de 2014

desculpa se disse demasiado mas nunca respondi quando querias demasiado ouvir. mas custa-me que te cales durante dias e só me beijes por os meus lábios estarem perto - sinto saudades do toque do teu braço nas minhas costas e daqueles beijinhos na barriga que só tu sabias dar. da mesma maneira que me sentia em pleno verão deitada no teu peito sinto agora uma distância glaciar entre a pessoa com quem estou e a pessoa que eras e se isso magoa? ora, claro que sim, mas o que magoa mais é o silência e a deglutação da verdade que tanto anseias por esconder. mas eu não consigo viver assim. amar é mais que toque. amar é uma vida à espera do reencontro.

quero-te mais que sempre e se te falhei diz-me o porquê

quero-te tanto nem imaginas o quanto te quero

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